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Roxstar Restoration Specializes In Water, Fire and Mold Restoration Fort Collins Front Range

My name is Joshua Sorensen and I am the owner of Roxstar Restoration, serving the great folks of Colorado since 2001. I’ve been involved in the restoration industry since early 1998 when I moved to Colorado Springs from a small town in New Mexico. I began working in my family’s full-service disaster restoration company from a young age, and continued my education in the field while working alongside some of the best in the industry. I learned that a good company is made better by the people it helps. I have always loved serving people, and pride myself on my customer service. I worked my way up to eventually become the VP of our company. Until the point at which we eventually sold the company and our family moved up to the north side of Fort Collins, where my wife, two daughters, and our Husky now call home. 

I decided to stay dedicated to this field in which I had come to enjoy, and opened my company Roxstar Restoration in the beginning of 2020.  it was time to start my own business that would offer a full-service restoration company, to cover fire, water, mold, and marijuana restoration. I also decided to offer my clients the service of remodeling as well, since in my years of experience once the remediation was completed, there was always a need to remodel and replace the things that had to be removed due to the damage. I wanted to be a one stop shop for my clients as I could see that it could lessen the stress of the process for them. 

Understanding the importance of what I do in the disaster restoration industry has given me the drive to become educated, with the latest drying technologies and always keeping my mind open to new ideas in the restoration industry. I have always made it my main focus to keep my clients educated, and comfortable from the time I step foot on the jobsite. Through the entire process of the project, and to that final hand shake when we part ways, my job is to walk them through it step-by-step, and to make myself available to them should questions arise. My goal every time is to make sure they are well taken care of, with as little amount of stress on all parties involved, and that everything runs as smoothly as possible from start to finish.  

My experience and knowledge have given me the ability to accurately estimate and coordinate projects, as well as communicate with all insurance companies/representatives and other associated parties. I look forward to growing along with the restoration industry as it evolves with today’s ever changing fast paced technology, and I will continue to enjoy helping and serving people during their time of need.

Like I stated before, RoxStar is a full-service Restoration business. We provide fire, water, mold restoration and marijuana clean up. We remediate the damage including the tear down and removal of the contaminated areas and materials. We also offer full remodeling services, that many of our clients utilize to return their companies and residential homes back to their pre-loss condition, and sometimes even better!

RoxStar Restoration offers not just mold remediation, but mold testing, pre- and post-air testing, lift tape sampling, swab testing.  The following is a list of the different types of mold testing that can be done by one of our certified mold specialists as part of our remediation process.

  1. Air Sampling – Air sampling performed by a mold specialist collects indoor air samples from your home or business. A controlled air sample is also taken outside, also called baseline from the home or business. A detailed comparison chart is made between the indoor air samples and outdoor baseline to determine if there are elevated mold spores inside your home or business that are not naturally present in the outdoor environment.
  2. Tape Lift Sampling – A piece of specialized tape is placed onto any area that has mold growth to be tested. It is then lifted and placed on a micro glass slide. The tape/glass slide is then sealed and examined by a certified microbiology lab for mold spore’s presence.
  3. Swab Test Sample – Swab testing are a last choice and used infrequently for when the sampling area is difficult to reach or sample from the suspected surfaces such as, walls, machinery, equipment, and floors. Swab testing is for post testing after a sewage overflow/flood has been properly clean up.

Your home is one of the most significant investments you will make in your lifetime. That being said, water damage does not wait for the right moment to wreak havoc on your home or your business. When the disaster happens, the damage can be beyond what you can repair yourself. RoxStar Restoration knows the feeling of helplessness and frustration one can feel, and that’s why you need a certified expert to walk you through the process and provide you with the right restoration solutions. I have extensive hands-on experience in the water disaster industry and I know what it takes to bring your home back to pre-loss condition. 

  Unfortunately, when water damage occurs there are no alarms to warn you that a pipe has burst, or to tell you that you have been unknowingly suffering from a constant drip that has led to a dangerous mold growth, or a disastrous basement flood that can and usually does happen unexpectantly. Water has the ability to travel anywhere, getting into the smallest of spaces which can wreak havoc on your home or business. Without a water damage expert by your side to walk you through the process, you could end up costing yourself more time and money, and potentially cause further damage to your residence or business.  Or worse we have seen clients who try to go it alone without expertise, and end up going from a small water damage (that would have been a quick and easy remediation for one of our experts to handle) that turned into a major mold infestation, that ultimately compromised their health. RoxStar Restoration has some of the most advanced drying equipment in the industry, and we use it expertly in a variety of water remediation efforts to restore your home or business.  We utilize our equipment to dry ceilings, extract water from basements, dry hardwood floors to prevent warping, prevent mold growth, perform wall cavity drying techniques, and much more. 

RoxStar Restoration headquarters is located in beautiful Fort Collins Colorado, overlooking the majestic front range mountains.  As beautiful as it can be, we all know mother nature can be un predictable. We have all been caught off guard by severe thunderstorms, snowstorms, hailstorms and other sudden natural occurrences. When disaster hits your home or business, we have the necessary tools and equipment to restore your residence or business, we clear away all the trash/debris which includes floodwater, snow/ice, fallen or damaged trees, shattered glass, rocks and dirt, garbage, some personal possessions and furniture. With our knowledge base and expertise, we are here to assist you with all your needs should you find yourself suddenly dealing with the aftermath of a natural disaster! 

RoxStar Restoration takes pride in every one of our jobs, and we know every project’s success is based on understanding the owners needs and expectations, and then we make it our goal to exceed those expectations. RoxStar Restoration delivers our clients a clear path towards restoring their home of business, adding value to valuable assets.  By placing experienced construction professionals on every project, we take on, you can feel confident in your choice, knowing you are in good hands.

 On top of our other services, we also offer 24/7 professional odor removal and cleaning services to the entire front range of Colorado. A list to include but not limited to marijuana, cigarette smoke and foul animal odors.  Odors can be almost impossible to remove for the average household, where store bought products tend to mask the odors, instead of eliminating them, which can sometimes make them worse. It takes a specialized team, specific products and equipment to completely eliminate the odors from a residence or business. 

If any of these needs should arise, we hope you choose to call Roxstar Restoration and see the difference in our quality service and work.  We look forward to the opportunity to serve you in the future!




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